Kamis, 05 Januari 2012


"If HAPPINESS is possible, why is so few people have it?". In my opinion, this random thought came up because there is different (or maybe wrong) interpretation of the HAPPINESS itself. People usual indicate their selves HAPPY if there are "lack of pain, lack of grief, do great things, etc". I think it's very superficial. Do you guys think so, don't you???hihihi... For me, HAPPINESS comes not because we do (only) GREAT THINGS but because we do SMALL THINGS with GREAT LOVE. And of course, HAPPINESS it's not based on circumstances, it's permanent and rooted. Based on what happen in my life so far, for every tears, pain and grief "there's always a good intention in any event that occurs". So, being grateful in every condition is a key of my happiness. Yeah, I know it's "Simple yet, but not Easy", but I always keep try because OUR HAPPINESS is OUR RESPONSIBILITY not others. One thing for sure for me, LIFE is not a DESTINATION but the JOURNEY. Wish you all guys have a GREAT LIFE and don't forget to be HAPPY.



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